A Detailed Review and Guide to the Best Bollywood Comedy Movies in 2022


If there’s one thing Bollywood excels in, it’s comedy. In an industry filled with romantic dramas and action-packed thrillers, the comedic gems truly shine beautifully. The delightfully funny scriptwriting, combined with impeccable comic timing by skilled actors, make Bollywood comedy movies an entertaining watch. As we step into 2022, let’s dive into the ocean of humor and discover the best Bollywood comedy movies this year has to offer.

Showcasing New Age of Comedy in Bollywood

2022 heralds in a new era of comedy in Bollywood. Among the many much-anticipated releases, one standout is the movie "Superhero Ki Super Comedy." This movie brilliantly blends hilarious sequences with a pinch of superhero action, breathing fresh life into the comedy genre. Additionally, the leading ensemble cast’s proficient acting skills add another layer of depth to the overall viewing experience.

Upcoming Comedy Movies: High on Laughter and Entertainment

Bollywood has stepped up its game in 2022 as it introduces innovative dimensions to comedy. An exciting release to look forward to is "Laughter Parade," which is expected to tickle the ribs of the audience with its razor-sharp wit and humor. With its punchy dialogue delivery and well-timed comic scenes, "Laughter Parade" is set to carve a special niche for itself in the comedy genre.

Bollywood: Mining Comedy from the Everyday

Not all comedy is reliant on slapstick humor or well-crafted punchlines. Some comedy gems lie hidden in the mundane scenarios of life itself. A significant example in 2022 is the movie "Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Laughs." This movie strays from the usual comedy path, laughing at the absurdity and hilarity of everyday life and situations. It beautifully portrays that comedy doesn’t always have to be a grand spectacle.

Investigating comedy duo of Bollywood in 2022

An intriguing aspect this year is the re-emergence of the iconoclastic comedic duos. In particular, the upcoming movie, "Double Trouble," presents Bollywood’s most talented comedic pairing in 2022. Their seamless on-screen chemistry and sharp comedic timing promise to deliver infinite laughter to the audience, reaffirming the power of duos in the comedy genre.

Blend of Comedy and Social Message: A New Trend Set in 2022

A relatively new entry in the comedy genre is "social comedies," where filmmakers present pressing issues with a dash of humor. One such 2022 movie to look out for is "Satire Strikes!" By intricately weaving together the threads of comedy and social issues, it stands as a testament to the evolving face of Bollywood comedy.

Unconventional Romantic Comedies in 2022 Bollywood

2022 also shines the spotlight on "romantic comedies," giving the audience a hearty laugh mingled with fluttered hearts. A standout movie in this category is "Love is a Funny Thing," breaking conventional notions with its innovative portrayal of romance coupled with humor.


Bollywood’s comedic prowess has been on full display in 2022. As we journey through an assortment of comedy movies, it is evident that Bollywood is steadily pushing past traditional boundaries, exploring new and innovative comedic ventures. With a superb line-up of comedy films, 2022 looks promising as an epic year of uproarious laughter. As we delve deeper into the laughter-provoking terrain of Bollywood comedy, we can be sure of one thing – in Bollywood, comedy truly is king.

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